Become a Local Leader

Run for Office

When you decide to run for office, there is a series of forms you must fill out and file with the appropriate authority.

There are two parts to filing to be a candidate: 1) Campaign Finance Filings; 2) Identity Filings. The first allow you to raise money for your campaign. The second gets your name on the ballot.

Run for PD

Not ready to run for office yet? We’ve got you covered.

You can file to be a Precinct Delegate. Precinct Delegate are super volunteer organizers designated by the political parties right in your own voting precinct.

Follow the Money

Want to research who is contributing to what candidates and how much? Campaign finance laws require all candidates to state the individuals and the entities that contribute to their campaigns.

Follow the links below to learn more.


The following listing provides details regarding our Democratic precinct delegates.  As can be seen we need to work at filling the vacancies that we have across Eaton County.  This listing provides the names of existing precinct delegates and the number of delegates we are allowed to have.  If you are a current precinct delegate please consider filing to serve again.  All filings are due by 4:00 p.m. May 5. 2020.  The yellow highlighted precinct currently do not have any Democratic Party representation. If we are to win in 2020 we need your help.  Additional information is available on the links provided on this page.

Jurisdiction Precinct # Delegates Current Delegates
Bellevue Twp 1 3
Benton Twp 1 4 Kari M. Guy
Harry J. Moore
Brookfield Twp 1 1
Carmel Twp 1 3
Charlotte 1 1 3 John Moran
Brenda Wood
Charlotte 1 2 2 Deborah Angell
Chris Laverty
Charlotte 2 1 3
Charlotte 2 2 3 Brett J. McRae
ChesterTwn 1 2 Mike Hosey
Julia A. Szybowicz
Delta Charter Twp 1 4 Eric A. Minore
Nate Moore
Delta Charter Twp 2 6
Delta Charter Twp 3 4 Howard T. Spence
Delta Charter Twp 4 5 Jacky Tennis
Darrell Tennis
Delta Charter Twp 5 5 Amy Lyman
Delta Charter Twp 6 5 James P. Whitacre
Jane M. Whitacre
Delta Charter Twp 7 4
Delta Charter Twp 8 4
Delta Charter Twp 9 4 Mary R. Clark
Glenn H. Freeman III
Regina M. Johnson
Barbara J. Poma
Delta Charter Twp 10 5 Oscar Baker
Doug Kosinski
Shelagh Kosinski
Jeanne Pearl-Wright
Delta Charter Twp 11 2
Delta Charter Twp 12 5
Delta Charter Twp 13 3 Dennis R. Fedewa
Kennth R. Fletcher
Delta Charter Twp 14 5 Fred Fry
Howard Pizzo
Nell B. Pizzo
Delta Charter Twp 15 4 Mark J. Mudry
Delta Charter Twp 16 3 Jeannette Pizzo
Eaton Rapids 1 2
Eaton Rapids 2 2
Eaton Rapids 3 2
Eaton Rapids Twp 1 2
Eaton Rapids Twp 2 3 Billy Batson
Glenna Hood
Eaton Twp 1 4
Eaton Twp 2 1 Molly Wilson
Grand Ledge 1 4 Terrance Augustine
Sarah A. Ferguson
Grand Ledge 2 4
Grand Ledge 3 3 Jack Finn
Grand Ledge 4 2
Hamlin Twp 1 5 L. Bruce Porter
Kalamo Twn 1 2
Lansing 3 22 3 Bilky Joda-Miller
Lansing 3 23 6 Linda D. Appling
Olivet 1 1
Oneida Charter Twp 1 4 Susan K. Anderson
Nicole Shannon
Christine Alice Walker
Oneida Charter Twp 2 2
Potterville 1 3
Roxand Twp 1 2 Kelly Hartman
Sunfield Twp 1 2 Amy Robinson
Vermontville Twp 1 2
Walton Twn 1 2
Windsor Charter Twp 1 4
Windsor Charter Twp 2 5 Ellen Baird
Windsor Charter Twp 3 4 Jack G. Devine
Carol Wilson-Duffy