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We’re your neighbors, friends, colleagues and co-workers. We’re your teachers, firefighters, office workers, health care providers. We all want the best for Eaton County!  Even one small action by each of us has a huge impact on the progress in Eaton County. Learn how your small role can add up to big impact!


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Hello Fellow Democrat,

If you’ve been watching the Republican Legislature in Lansing, you know that Grinches are not just found in story books.  
After hundreds of thousands of hard-working Michiganders signed petitions calling for a modest increase in the minimum wage and some basic sick leave protection, the Republicans in the Michigan Senate have emasculated these laws during lame duck session when they thought nobody was watching.
These bills are now headed to the Michigan House of Representatives, where they are expected to be taken up and passed early next week.  
Call or email Representative and Senator-Elect Tom Barrett and tell him that working families in Eaton County NEED those laws to pay their bills and to take care of their sick loved ones.  Tell him to VOTE NO on Senate Bill 1175 and Senate Bill 1171.  
Tom Barrett Office Phone: (517) 373-0853
If you can help mobilize opposition to this travesty, For Our Future, a progressive advocacy organization, is organizing a phone bank to call Eaton County residents.  For more information, contact Brandon Dyer at

Best wishes,

Brett J. McRae
Eaton County Democratic Party



We are Eaton County Democrats – people from rich and diverse backgrounds; a community-based organization working for the interests of all citizens in Eaton County.  We believe in:

  • Safe, high-quality, affordable public education for all our children.
  • A strong and vibrant local economy.
  • Equal job opportunity for everyone and a fair, living wage.
  • Affordable healthcare for everyone.

As Democrats we stand for hope, equal opportunity, and fairness in our political system.  We are working hard to preserve and restore these values with meaningful progress and change.

We meet each month for fun and fellowship, and to discuss Democratic leadership and opportunity in Eaton County.  Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. the third Thursday each month and are held at the Log Jam Restaurant in Grand Ledge.

Come join us!   We hope to see you soon!

Brett McRae



Eaton County Democratic Party Meeting & Holiday Party

Thursday, December 20, 2018
6:30 p.m.
Log Jam Restaurant, 110 W Jefferson St, in Grand Ledge, Michigan


Paid for by the Eaton County Democratic Executive Committee
Charlottte, MI  48813