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Progress for Eaton County

State Representative Angela Witwer’s office and staff are available to answer any questions that residents have either by phone or email.

Call: 517-373-0853

Email: AngelaWitwer@house.mi.gov

Visit her website.

STAY SAFE in 2020

In this time of crisis, Eaton County Democrats want you to know that there are reliable resources of information to help you and your family.

Please visit the following websites for the latest information about the virus:

Questions about COVID-19 link.

Hello Democrats!

Notes from the Chair:

Another month has passed, and I hope all are staying safe and healthy.  Thanks to the leadership of our Governor, things are improving in the State and we are moving cautiously toward opening our State once again.  All Democrats must stay strong and continue to support and defend our Governor, especially from the attacks of the Republican party and now from our State Senator, Tom Barrett, who is more interested in political gamesmanship than the health and welfare of our citizens.  Barrett has not shown any interest in the problems of his constituents, but of his own political aspirations.  This is my conclusion from my own personal engagement with his office while my state representative.

I ask everyone to please complete filling out your Census forms.  Our state is dependent upon the census for our fair share of funding to help our state in many areas and programs to help the citizens of our state.

As we get closer to the August primary, remember the changes that were approved by the electorate that allows for everyone to vote by absentee ballot.  Don’t give up your right to vote because you are concerned to be out in public- exercise your right to Vote!  Visit the Eaton County Clerk’s web page for more information.

I am happy to announce that “Democratic” candidate for sheriff, Joe Yager has withdrawn from the race.  We can now focus on re-electing the 2019 Sheriff of the Year, Sheriff Tom Reich.

Thanks for the support of the ECDP in approving the donation of $1,000 each to the United Way Covid 19 Emergency Relief Fund and the Greater Lansing Food Bank.  Both donations are earmarked to assist families exclusively in Eaton County.

Joseph D. Chin, Jr. 



Support Eaton Co. Dems

Help support Democrats all over Eaton County with a donation to our PAC. Click the button to donate with a credit card.

Precinct Delegates

We are still in need of Precinct Delegates throughout the County.  If you missed the earlier deadline this month, there is another opportunity to become a Precinct Delegate as a write-in candidate.  

Write-in candidates who seek precinct delegate positions file Declaration of Intent forms with the county clerk for the August primary by 4:00 p.m., July 31, 2020.  As an alternative, candidates for precinct delegate may file the Declaration of Intent form with appropriate precinct board on election day before the close of the polls.

We are asking that if you previously served as a precinct delegate and missed the deadline please consider serving the party again.  We are also asking other Democrats to consider helping our party to be successful in the next election by being involved in this important process.  We have information on our web page under the resource tab to help you understand the role of the precinct delegate.

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Events Snapshot



Thursday, June 18, 2020

6:30 p.m



Attention Candidates!

As we get closer to election day I wanted to remind all Democratic candidates regarding our bylaws regarding endorsements and support.  Some key items include:

1. Must be a member of the MDP.

2. Must formally request an endorsement from the ECDP. Please send the request to me directly.

3. Endorsements can be made pre primary for uncontested seats only after the filing deadline.  Contested seats with multiple Democrats will be endorsed after the primary. Certain provisions and restrictions apply.

Full text of our endorsement rules can be found under the “about us” page, “bylaws”.  It is Article XII “Endorsements”.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly.

Joseph D. Chin, Jr., Chair

Eaton County Democratic Party




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