From the Chair:

Dear Democrats,

Thank you to the MDP Environmental Caucus for a very informative presentation at our meeting.  If you have a strong interest and concern with our environment, I would urge you to join this caucus.  They are looking for a representative from every county party to act as a liaison.  Please let me know if you would be interested. 

Petitions are now being circulated for Governor Whitmer.  Please contact me if you would like a petition to circulate and sign.  I have not yet received them, but as soon as I get them I will get them out to our members. 

The Republican Party continues their assault on democracy this month with a series of political bills, especially those that are aimed at restricting voters to cast their ballots, despite their own GOP report that our election was fair, without fraud, and without any significant issues.  They continue to waste taxpayer dollars on legislation that is not needed while at the same time not spending time to introduce legislation that can help hard-working families recover from the economic losses brought upon us by the poor actions taken by the former Republican administration dealing with the most damaging pandemic we have seen in our lifetimes.  They will be spending time on the unlock Michigan legislation on a law that was already found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court! 

As we move forward we must remain united and strong, but we cannot wait until next year to begin our work to elect and re-elect our Democratic officeholders.  State offices as well as our County Commission seats will be our focus for the 2022 election.  Please consider helping us by volunteering or donating to our County party now! We need your help. 

Joseph D. Chin, Jr.





Thursday, August 19, 2021

7:00 p.m. 


MDP 7th District Update

Our next billboard is now in Monroe on Telegraph Rd. near the parking lot of the “Family Home and Farm” store, 205 N Telegraph, Monroe 48162. It will be up through July 8th.

If you get the opportunity, please visit the site. You will be able to park very near in the store parking lot and get your picture taken with the billboard. Please post your picture everywhere! Also, share the billboard pic even without you in the pic! use the hashtags, #TraitorTim and#savedemocracy.

The billboard committee is urging CD7 Dems to write letters to the Editor in reference to the ad and describe Walberg’s UNDEMOCRATIC behaviors.







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