About Us

We are Eaton County Dems

Who We Are

Eaton County Democratic Party is made up of your neighbors. We believe in vibrant communities, safe neighborhoods, funded public schools, and opportunity for all.


  1. To maintain and increase membership in the Eaton County Democratic Party.
  2. To provide support for Democratic party candidates at all levels with a priority to offices immediately affecting Eaton County.
  3. To ensure a Democratic precinct delegate in every precinct in Eaton County.
  4. To ensure a Democratic candidate in every partisan race in Eaton County.
  5. To raise funds to support Democratic candidates for partisan offices in Eaton County.

ECDP Officers for 2021-2022


To hold a Democratic Party majority at all levels of government. 



Unite all Democrats in Eaton County for the purpose of supporting and electing Democratic candidates for local, county, state, and national offices.