Have you heard about precinct delegates before? They are an important local, hands-on set of volunteers who help candidates get elected.

PDs organize people for door-knocking events.

A Precinct Delegate is elected by the people of the voting precinct at the primary election held every two years. The number of precinct delegates in a voting precinct is determined by the number of votes cast in the previous primary election for that party. Democrats and Republicans each elect their own precinct delegates.

PDs can hold events to either socialize or fundraise for the local party.

Apply at the County Clerk’s office for the paperwork associated with filing to run for the office of Precinct Delegate. Until the primary election in 2020, you can perform the volunteer duties of a PD to get organized for other candidates.

PDs communicate with the other Dems in their precinct to Get Out the Vote on election day.

With the passage of Prop 3 in 2018, Michigan voters have expanded voting rights including no-reason absentee voting, automatic voter registration for 18-year olds, same-day registration, and straight-ticket voting. Voters can sign up for permanent absentee lists to eliminate voting barriers like transportation to the polls, long lines, time off work, or illness or disability.

PDs can canvass their neighborhoods now to sign people up for the permanent absentee list.

Precinct Delegates can also perform the very important function of RECRUITMENT. Not only do PDs recruit volunteers, but they can serve as a vital conduit to seeking out new CANDIDATES for office and NEW PRECINCT DELEGATES. We always need more people, more money, and more effort.

Learn More about what you do as a PD with our guides.

Precinct Delegates are foot soldiers in the fight to elect people to office who work for families. From township boards to school boards to county-wide offices, ECDP works every day to recruit the very best and to support them in their efforts.