Whereas; Assistant President Pro Tempore, State Senator Lana Theis, circulated a statewide solicitation email, that contained a personal attack on State Senate Assistant Minority Leader, Senator Mallory McMorrow, in violation of the Standards of Conduct for Public Offices and Employees, Act 196 of 1973, Section 1 (d) and Section 2 (4,5.), and

Whereas; the allegations of Senator Theis were fabricated to perpetuate common fear and hate, without concern for ethics, civility, or respect, and

Whereas; the timely, direct, and sincere response by McMorrow made the national news across every media outlet in the nation, placing a permanent stain on Senator Theis, as well as Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and State Senator Tom Barrett, who represents Eaton County, who by their silence condoned the behavior, language and campaign violation of Senator Theis, and

Whereas; Senator Tom Barrett sent a comparable solicitation email over the weekend, casting shame on his constituents, donors and colleagues, whose acts seem to mirror national attempts to abandon civility for misinformation, factual distortions and open defiance of national standards, laws and court opinions, and

Whereas; efforts of suppression, oppression, bigotry, bias and discrimination continues to drive their decision making for public policy to regress to abandonment of common sense, dignity and civility, therefore

Be it resolved, Eaton County Democrats seek the resignation of Senator Theis from the Michigan Senate and,

We further criticize Senator Mike Shirkey and Senator Tom Barrett for their silence and inaction and,

We further applaud Senator Mallory McMorrow for her courage, convictions, and leadership.