Involvement with ECDP

Helping the Party

How to Get Involved

  1. Become a Member of the Michigan Democratic Party
  2. Share your talents and passions by volunteering to be on an ECDP committee.
  3. Knock doors.
  4. Make phone calls or send texts.
  5. Prepare mailings.
  6. Hold a house party.
  7. Organize fundraisers.
  8. Donate time, money, food, etc.
  9. Walk in a local parade.
  10. Donate a Silent Auction basket (or items for a theme basket).
  11. Attend the Annual Dinner and other ECDP fundraising events.
  12. BE ENGAGED and ACTIVE with your elected officials, their town halls and coffee hours, and public meetings.

We want to hear from you; your voice is important to us.

Join One of Our Committees

Email info@eatoncountydemocrats.org to volunteer!

Eaton County Democratic Party Committees

Committee Goal
Membership & Outreach Organizes membership and volunteer recruitment and retention.
Events & Fundraising Organizes social, educational, outreach, and fundraising events.
Elections Recruits qualified candidates for seats and strategies to elect Democrats.
Rules & By-Laws Serves as liaison between MDP and ECDP for rules coordination.
Communications & Web Maintains ECDPs communications channels and relationships.