Adopted and Submitted to the MDP August 15, 2020

WHEREAS, the U.S Postal Service (USPS) has been in existence since before the U.S. Constitution was adopted; and

WHEREAS, the USPS is officially established in the U.S. Constitution; and

WHEREAS, the USPS has been under absurd financial burden since 2006, when the Postal Accountability & Enhancement Act was passed during a lame duck session by a voice vote; and

WHEREAS, the USPS is essential to the delivery of medications, legal documents, merchandise, and election ballots; and

WHEREAS, the current Corona Virus pandemic has created a compelling and unprecedented need to vote by mail; and

WHEREAS, the elimination of equipment is not limited to mail sorting equipment but is planned to include the physical equipment that is utilized by letter carriers on a daily basis to sort mail efficiently and require them to sort all types of mail in the vehicle instead; and

WHEREAS, the current administration is openly attempting to sabotage USPS operations for perceived political benefit; and

WHEREAS, mail sorting machines have been destroyed or discarded; and

WHEREAS, collection mail boxes have been removed; and

WHEREAS, these illegal, immoral, and disruptive actions are being ordered by the postmaster general at the direction of the president

Therefore be it RESOLVED that the MDP demand that all legal, legislative, administrative, or public do what is necessary to stop the disabling of the USPS

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, THAT this resolution be forwarded to the State Democratic Party with a recommendation for its acceptance and placement in the appropriate document or with the appropriate committee for action.