Adopted and Submitted to MDP August 15, 2020

WHEREAS, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) has funded public land acquisition and recreation projects with royalties from oil, gas and minerals from public lands in all eighty-three counties in the state since its founding in 1976; and

WHEREAS, projects supported by the MNRTF help Michigan communities protect the state’s lakes, streams, lands and wildlife habitats and build recreational facilities for the enjoyment of Michigan residents and visitors, with economic, quality-of-life and public health benefits; and

WHEREAS, the Michigan Legislature unanimously voted to remove the accumulated principal limit on the MNRTF to allow it to continue receiving royalties, add “renovation and redevelopment” alongside “development” as an allowable use for MNRTF dollars, and change the percentage of funds made available for these projects from a maximum of 25% to a minimum of 25% to match the percentage available for land acquisition projects; and

WHEREAS, Michigan voters will now have the opportunity to approve these changes in the 2020 general election, thus amending Article IX, Section 35 and 35a of the Michigan Constitution.

Therefore be it RESOLVED that the Michigan Democratic Party support, and give leadership to, the ballot question placed before voters in the 2020 general election to update and expand the MNRTF, guaranteeing investment in conservation and outdoor recreation for generations to come, protecting our natural resources and invigorating our local economies.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, THAT this resolution be forwarded to the State Democratic Party with a recommendation for its acceptance and placement in the appropriate document or with appropriate committee for action.