Dear MDP member, 

A dangerous new Republican petition drive has been launched that would strip Governor Whitmer of her emergency powers and undermine her ability to keep us safe during the pandemic. 

We need all MDP members to take action today by REFUSING TO SIGN. 

Don’t get duped! The paid Republican operatives out on the streets gathering signatures will lie, cheat, and literally say anything to get you to sign. We’ve received reports that some operatives are claiming this would help Governor Whitmer. TOTAL LIE!

Don’t fall for it! DECLINE TO SIGN.

Cynically named “Unlock Michigan,” this partisan power grab is being bankrolled by right-wing special interests like Betsy DeVos and huge wealthy corporations hell-bent on attacking Governor Whitmer.  After all, poll after poll has shown broad public support for Governor Whitmer’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.  

Oh, it gets even worse.

Unlock Michigan is attempting to avoid both disclosure of its special interest donors and avoid a vote of the people. If they gather enough signatures, this dangerous petition could be approved unilaterally by Republican politicians in Lansing and couldn’t be vetoed.  

If you see petition gatherers, DO NOT SIGN. Instead, report or record activities of any petition gatherers and call/text us at 517-618-9687 or make a submission here. And, encourage everyone you know not to sign this dangerous petition. 

Governor Whitmer is doing everything she can to keep Michigan families safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and get our economy moving again. We have to stand by our governor!

The bottom line: DECLINE TO SIGN!

Team MDP