Our summer of grassroots organizing is in full swing. Democrats across the state are gearing up for wins up and down the ballot. 

This month, we launched our Days of Action program and had organizers, volunteers, and even elected officials kick-off what will be a long and exciting campaign trail to 2020. Over 117 canvassers participated across the state, from Otsego to Berrien County. In total, we knocked over 6,196 doors and had conversations with over 1,320 voters. We talked to Michiganders about registering to vote in Michigan, and encouraged them to become permanent absentee voters.

While we are extremely proud of the work we did this month, this journey to the polls is far from over. Our next Day of Action will be on Saturday, July 20th and we need your help. Find an event near you at [michigandems.com/events]michigandems.com/events

Last week was the first official Democratic Primary Debate in Miami. Our staff and Democrats across Michigan organized debate watch parties in their communities and we were able to share the debate experience in over 15 different locations. 

We are thrilled to be hosting the second debate in July and hope to give our candidates a chance to voice their plans for our state and country. The second debate will be on July 30th and 31st at the Fox Theater in Detroit. Please stay tuned for more details. 

We will again be hosting Debate Watch Parties in as many communities as possible so that everyone can be a part of what is sure to be an extremely exciting two days. If you are interested in hosting a Debate Watch Party in your community, please click here

Our new and improved website makes it easier than ever to get involved and we hope you take advantage of this organizing tool in order to get local Democrats to your meetings and events. To submit an event, click here

The DNC Best Practices Institute wrapped up its 6 week Train the Trainer webinar course this month. Michigan Dems went above and beyond, with 368 total participants and 132 certified trainers now on the ground with the tools they need to get Democrats to the polls. 

When it comes to organizing, we are winning. But in order to win elections, we cannot let up on the grassroots energy. Join the movement at [michigandems.com]michigandems.com

In 2020, a Democrat will take the White House back, and they will do it because Michigan will never be taken for granted again—not while I am leading the Michigan Democratic Party. 

Any serious contender to unseat Trump and lead our national party into the future will have to spend serious time in our state, getting to know not just big donors, but the people who do the grassroots work it takes to win—and who know Michigan better than anybody else—Michiganders. Every conversation I have about the Democratic presidential field and the primary process I say the same thing: the road to the White House runs through Michigan. 

This July, the road to the White House will wind its way through the Motor City with the second Democratic national debates taking place on July 30th and 31st at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Every candidate seeking the Democratic presidential nomination will have their opportunity to find out more about Michigan and where we fit in their plans to beat Trump and lead the country forward again. 

At the same time, we will get a chance to hear up close how much they know about the challenges faced by the working people of Michigan and the Midwest. We want to ensure that the debates at the Fox Theatre have as many real Michigan Democrats in the audience as possible. If you are interested in attending the DNC Debate in Detroit, you can add your name and info here: my.democrats.org/page/s/second-dnc-debate

Fighting Forward,