This month, ECDP Chair Brett McRae announced a new fundraising strategy for 2019.

In addition to large events, we are calling on the membership to select a venue, a date, an activity, and an amount of time each volunteer wants to devote to one event.

Sometimes volunteering becomes a bigger lift than we expect in the beginning. But if you are in control of all aspects of a get-together, you can determine your give.

Some example include Pints & Politics get-togethers at local bars and restaurants. Coffee hours. Home parties. Ice cream socials. Storytimes. Playdates. Or any other hobby or interest you would like to share with neighbors and friends.

The ECDP Administrative Fund does not have campaign finance reporting requirements, so any money you raise can be donated anonymously, in any form (cash, check), and in any amount.

Contact the Eaton County Dems Secretary, Beth Bowen, with details of your event for advertisement on our website and social media outlets.