We had a great start with our 7th CD Dems Road Show! Thanks to Branch County Chair Dave McMillan, we had our April Meeting in Branch County at the Coldwater Township Hall.  Thank you Dave and the Brave Branch Members who made us feel welcome!

April Meeting Minutes: 

Meeting Called to Order – 6:37pm by Chair Art Luna
–    Vice Chair – Fran Brennan, not in attendance
–    Treasurer – Karyl Baker, present
–    Secretary – Austin Clark, present
Pledge of Allegiance – 6:38pm
David Milliken, chair of the Branch County Democratic Party, gave a few opening comments to the entire body. Welcomed the body to Branch county and was excited to hear about the road show happening.
Chairperson Art Luna went over the agenda for the entire body before moving in to the entire meeting.
Approval of March meeting minutes
–    Motioned by: David Milliken
–    Seconded by: Terri McKinnon
–    Question was asked of date, time and location of last meeting
–    March 10th at Chelsea is when the meeting occurred
New Business
– No new business was reported in front of the body

County Chair Reports

Branch County:
o    Conducted precinct delegate training, 20 prospective precinct delegates attended
o    Anita Hoyt, Dave, and another officer attended the officer’s training in April in Grand Rapids put on by the MDP.
o    Last week was the April meeting. It was a social meeting and not a formal meeting. Provided a brainstorming opportunity for all in attendance to talk about the changes they want to see in the county. They began talking about working to find candidates to run in the commission races.
o    Drafted a proposed platform to ask the candidates to commit to run on this platform together based on the principles of the county.
o    Please Save the Dates:  Branch County has two major fundraisers –

     Picnic August 21st at Coldwater Township Pavillion-open to public and free of charge

     October 9th – Levin Dinner – Coldwater Golf Course Restaurant –this year Lavora Barnes – MDP Chair is Speaking

Eaton County no report

Hillsdale County
o    There is a new chair of the Hillsdale county party
o    Mike Sutton gave the county’s report.
o    Truman Dinner to occur August 10th or 17th – major fundraiser for the county

Jackson County
o    Karyl Baker gave the report for Jackson County
o    Jackson’s committees are up and running
o    Budget is balanced
o    Political programming team is up and running, recruiting, and doing trainings for prospective candidates
o    County party is going door to door to help increase absentee ballot voters registered now that there is no reason absentee voting
o    Fundraiser upcoming – Drafts and Dems – Happening in May.
o    Picnic date TBD
o    FDR Dinner – September, date TBD

Lenawee County
o    JFK dinner is May 11th at Lenawee County Labor building/ Please Save the Date and Plan to Attend

Monroe County no report

Washtenaw County

o   Brian Greminger – Vice Chair of Western Washtenaw County Dems

o   Monthly social

§  Last month Donna Lasinski attended and spoke with the group in attendance

o   Next month’s social, May 8th 6:30pm at Salt Brewery in Saline

o   County Road Commissioner is coming to talk about road improvements

o   May is the month for an educational meeting

o   May 15th at IBEW 252 Sheriff Jerry Clayton is coming on what the county sheriff’s office is doing.

§  They have been provided funding around mental health services as opposed to increasing law enforcement services.

o   May 18th at Dexter District Library there will be a Precinct Delegate Training

o   Date of major fundraiser for Washtenaw County Dems TBD

o   Western Washtenaw Dems TBD

Discussion on recruitment –

Chairperson Art Luna spoke about meeting at various locations and trying to get our communications out, messaging out, raising funds, and recruiting additional volunteers to serve on committees. “Volunteers are the motor of the party.” The 7th is here to help raise funds not just for the 7th Congressional candidates but to always be a support for the county parties. County parties are the heart of the district.

Fundraising committee call scheduled May 7th at 8pm. Please email Fran if you want to participate and she will  send out call information. Current members are Fran, Gretchen, Jennifer, and Linda. If you are interested please notify us. If you have ideas please tell us.

Communications committee – Thursday, May 2nd at 8:00pm, please email Fran if you want to participate and she will follow up with conference call details.

Program committee – details coming


7th CD Happenings: And in our State!


A panel of appeals judges voted unanimously that the 2020 election needs to include a special senate election. All 38 state senate seats would need to be put back up for election due to partisan gerrymandering. If the state does not draw new lines by August 1st, 2019 the court will draw the lines.

And people we should know~

o   Marylee Secrest – 313-516-1277 

     Director of candidate services and recruitment at th MDP

     Focusing on the 110 state house races

     She is working to recruit, identify, and talk to people about who is running for what districts or who may be running.

o    Sam Branscum is currently planning to run for the 7th Congressional District in the US Congress 

     Has a Facebook page

     Major issue is Climate Change

May 18th the MDP Legacy Dinner will be happening at the Detroit Marriot in Detroit, MI. They will be honoring Representative John Dingell

Senator Amy Klobuchar will be attending the Women’s Caucus Luncheon. The Senator is also running for President

Reminder: The 7th Congressional is looking to nominate two people for the volunteer of the year – Male and Female. Names needed by May 3rd and they need to be in to the MDP by this date.

Terri Mckinnon – Jackson County – Chair of Political Organizing team

Local races up this year in 2019 in Jackson

Derek Dobies is running for Mayor

Colleen Sullivan running for council

State Central Committee is coming up in Traverse City, Michigan on July 13th, location and time unknown at this time.

Closing remarks by Chairperson Luna

Meeting Adjourned at 7:23pm