Dear Friends,

We had an informative meeting with Representative Lasinski. She spoke about the Lansing Legislature, explained the Governor’s Budget Proposal and answered our members many questions. Thank you Representative Lasinski for a great presentation!

We also are beginning our 7th CD Dems Road Show! Thanks to Branch Chair Dave McMillan, we will be having our April Meeting in Branch County at the Coldwater Township Hall

We have included a brief synopsis of our meeting and the meeting minutes below. Copies will be available at the April Meeting. Special thanks to Terri McKinnon for being our Acting Secretary!

The first order of business was a discussion on when and where to hold future meetings. It was decided to hold meetings during spring, summer, and early fall on the fourth Thursday of the month evenings. This will begin and end with daylight savings time. In the late fall and winter, meetings will be held on Sunday afternoons. Which Sunday was not decided. It was also decided to hold meetings at county committee meeting locations when a group is willing to host. All other meetings will be centralized in Chelsea.
The next order of business was county reports.

Branch County: Their February meeting was a success with 40 people in attendance. They invited Mike Shirkey as a speaker for their meeting. He did attend and answered questions. Next meeting they will be having their state representative, also a republican on March 20. This is intended to be an attempt to open a dialogue with their elected representatives at the state level. They had a successful precinct delegate meeting last week with 20 in attendance. They will be holding a precinct delegate training on April 6 from 1-4 at the Coldwater city offices 319 Sprague St.

Eaton County: They will also be holding a precinct delegate training in the future. This effort is being championed by Karen Wilson Duffy. They hope to learn from what other counties are doing well. They have several members also involved in Indivisible and hope to continue to engage with other local activists groups. Eaton county does have a new democratic state representative and a majority democratic county commission following the 2018 election. They are hoping to see democrats take the majority in the state legislature and working for that.

Jackson County: The new board is functioning well with well attended meetings. Standing Committees are all now meeting regularly. Membership and delegates are up. They are holding afundraiser on March 13 at the Grand River Brewery in Jackson. 117 West Louis Glick Highway from 7-9 p.m. Tickets are $25 for individuals, $45 for couple. They are rebuilding relationships with groups including the Jackson County Democratic Women’s Caucus.

Lenawee County: They will be holding their annual JFK dinner on May 11. This will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Lenawee County Labor building. They have two focuses currently. First is community engagement. They have participated in the Civilian Special Olympics, a sensory friendly Santa event, NAACP, a community garden, and are sponsoring rooms at the local homeless shelter and a nearby Women’s shelter. The second focus is on social media and holding their Republican elected officials accountable publicly. In particular the local water issues that Adrian is experiencing. They have an increase in the number of precinct delegates. At their last meeting they spent time calling strong dems to invite them to participate.

Monroe County:
They will be having a precinct delegate training on March 20. They have about 25-40 members at
meetings. They tend to have larger turnout when they do a potluck at the meetings which is around
every other month.

Western Washtenaw Dems:
They have been focusing on educational programs in the past. Currently they are holding formal
meetings every other month with social meetings on the in-between month. They tend to see different
people attending the different types of meetings. They have begun focusing on social media with postings on facebook 3 times a day. They feel that mainly rural areas like Western Washtenaw are somewhat lonely and a different type of recruiting. Brian Greminger is available to do trainings on precinct delegates and how to talk to people of different political persuasions. He will be doing the one in Branch and is being invited to do one in Jackson. Discussion regarding a coordinated training with the 7th CD.

Presentation, Rep. Lasinski

Business resumed with a proposal presented by Bill Swift from Lenawee. The proposal concerned the SCC and was a resolution regarding proxies. This proposal was that the manner in which delegates are seated at the SCC should be alternatives seated prior to proxies determined by time of arrival at meetings. This motion pass unanimously. (Acting Chair did not vote) The meeting adjourned shortly after 4 p.m. The next meeting will be held on April 20 th 6:30 p.m. in Branch County, at the Coldwater Twp office 319 Sprague Coldwater, MI